How To Overcome The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

What do you do if you suddenly hit the most dreaded weight loss Plateau? I mean, when suddenly the fat just refused to be shifted anymore. I'm sure you dieters out there have experienced this one time or another. Or perhaps it's happening to you right now as you're reading this article.

If any of the above is the case, you'll do very well to heed these simple yet very effective guidance. But should this not be the case yet, as you're only about to embark on the weight loss journey, then these guides are absolutely a most to implement. I bet its best I first explain what we mean by a "Plateau". A weight loss Plateau occurs when we finally decided to start or commence losing weight. At the very beginning, you're so eager, your motivation is at its highest, and you're, at this moment in time ready to work across the Globe (twice) bare footed if need be, in order to lose.

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Hence, you'll continue to lose the weight faster than you can imagine possible. Feeling excited and proud with yourself and your achievements thus far - you're now even more motivated to do more. You now double your effort towards this weight loss goal. Effort you never thought was in you.

The weight is still continuing to melt, only this time, friends and family are now beginning to notice your slim figure in admiration and as result, you're getting all the positive and wonderful comment about the way you look. You might even have other overweight people that have known you for a while coming to you for weight loss advice, or perhaps now asking YOU for weight loss TIPS. You're now an instant celebrity/weight loss guru.

These are the good times. Then, suddenly you stopped losing weight, even though you're still doing exactly the same things, diets or exercises you've always been doing. You're saying or thinking to yourself, maybe this is just a bad week for you, reassuring yourself that you'll definitely shed more fat the following week. Still continuing in the same routine, and come the following week, still no or very insignificant weight is lost no matter how hard you try. The best that you ever lost was probably a measly tiny ounce.

You're now for sure in what we called a plateau - which simply means, you achieved some very impressive results within a very short time, and despite all effort, you've now reached a stage where you can't seem to achieve anymore goal. There you have it, "weight loss plateau".

So, you're now on this plateau, how do you get out of this rot? Or how do you prevent it from ruining your life especially when it took an almighty effort in the beginning to finally embark on this weight loss journey in the first place?

The first thing you'll need to do is to just hang in there as this is the stage where most of us give up or in depending on which way you're looking at it, hence all your previous efforts are now to no avail. If you continue to PERSEVERE, you are more than likely to reach your set goals and subsequently stay slim forever. Bottom line, DO NOT GIVE UP, come what may.

The second thing to do is, find MOTIVATION in another way. By this I mean, start measuring your vital statistics, as you might not be losing the weight in pounds or as much as it was when you first began, but you could actually still be losing the weight in inches. I guess what I'm trying to say is, stay positive because regardless, you're still losing something however small or minute it might be. Bottom line, STAY POSITIVE.

This third technique is simply a Gem as it boosts your self-esteem like you've never seen before. Try increasing your calorie intake by 100-200 calories for a straight week. Yes I know it sounds like madness, but please humor me and read on. But importantly make sure you burn these extra calories in activity - this way, you then drop down in weight size again. Yes, it sounds like a YO-YO diet, but the reason I call this process a Gem is simply because it usually gets weight loss restarted again.

Finally, exercise harder, by this I mean for example, walking further within the same time as before, or upping the intensity of your gym work. Bottom line is, just try a new routine in order to avoid the muscle getting "LAZY".

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