Curve Weight Loss Center - Can It Really Help You?

Being thin is no longer just about being healthy, but also looking good on the outside. Television has played an important role in shaping people's consciousness about the need to be thin. If you are fat, people look at you differently. Celebrities and people being interviewed on camera claim that they feel "unpretty" if they are fat. This is why diet methods and programs are being offered help people achieve the look they desire.

What's the fuss?

An influx of over the counter diet pills has bombarded the market, prompting scientists and researchers to express their concern. These diet pills claim to be either appetite suppressants or fat-burners. However, according to scientists, these diet pills have not undergone the same rigorous testing as other medicines. As such, these diet pills can cause serious complications if ingested improperly.

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Weight loss centers

Aside from diet pills, weight loss centers have also sprung out throughout the country. Weight loss centers provide various services to help people lose weight, such as gym facilities, diet plans, counseling, and even surgery. However, not all weight loss centers are helpful. Some even overcharge their clients on fixed menus and pre-packaged meals.

About Curves

One popular venue for weight loss is the Curve weight loss center. The Curve weight loss center literally sprouted overnight. In the span of a few years, it has opened several branches designed to help women lose weight with its 30-minute exercise program. It has expanded into 8000 locations, in different parts of the US and in other countries including Australia. Currently, Curve weight loss center caters only to women.

How it works

Considered to be largest fitness center franchise in the world, the Curve weight loss center consists of small facilities with hydraulic resistance machines lined up in a circuit. Clients move from one machine to another in a fixed time interval. There are eight to 12 pieces of equipment in the circuit, each targeting a specific body part. Clients are directed to move from one station to another accompanied by music and taped instruction. A quicker pace equates to a faster heart rate.
Membership in a Curve weight loss center costs about $149.

Target market

The Curve weight loss center targets women who are seeking alternatives to traditional gyms. Most clients are middle-aged and above, although many are first-time health club members. The center is designed to curb one's fears towards exercise.


The main problem with the Curve weight loss center is the program itself. The 30-minute exercise program is close to being mundane. Every workout is at the same level, and it does not progress to match your body as it gets used to the intensity of exercise. The time is too short to feel like a real workout, and there is a possibility that clients will not take the program seriously enough for long-term use.

A recent study published on the March/April 2005 edition of the American Council on Exercise magazine revealed that the Curves exercise helps you burn an average of 184 calories - the same amount you can get from a small candy bar, half a donut, or a bowl of cereal. That is a small amount compared to other exercises which can burn 300 to 700 calories an hour.


On the upside, the Curves program is beneficial for those looking to maintain their weight. It is not heavy exercise, so there is no risk of overworking your muscles. If you're already reached your ideal weight, the Curves exercise is a good way to keep the pounds off.

An evolution

Apart from the Curve weight loss center, owners of Curves have published a book titled Curves: Permanent Weight Loss Without Permanent Dieting. Some have claimed that the book offers similar advice as the Atkins diet program. Written by Gary Heavin and Carol Colman, the book helps readers understand how their body breaks down food. It also helps readers determine how fast their metabolism is and provides tips on losing weight.

The only solution

Although Curves is a form of exercise, it is not enough to make you lose weight. For obese individuals, a more serious form of exercise is necessary. Remember, there are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight. Diet and exercise always go together to help you achieve that desired body you want. All it takes is a little perseverance and patience.

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